Our clients include photographers, print makers, artists, textile designers, production houses, and amateurs. Each of our clients have a comment to make, but we have chosen a few that stand out for the value of information and their area of expertise. We are proud to have helped so many customers in their endeavor to enjoy and grow their profession.

Edward LoeddingI am a fine artist creating my work digitally…The decision to go with a 12-color Symphony instead of a 12-color D’Vinci was an easy one. The D’Vinci was simply a hexachrome printer with a little added refinement, while the multi-channel Symphony was a radically new – and perfectly sensible – approach to printing…

The genius of Scott Saltman’s printing systems and inks…is that he asks questions that no one else ever thought to ask, and works diligently and thoroughly to find the solution. The results of this effort is an ink and color management system that doesn’t just compare favorably with other systems; it just doesn’t compare. There is a richness and smoothness to the prints that simply cannot be described in any other way than to say “it just doesn’t look like ink”. I have been using my 12-color Roland Symphony for 6 months now, and the results have far exceeded my hopes and expectations…

This past summer, I exhibited my work in 14 shows. At every show, the response was universal. Patrons asked “Is that a print or a painting? It doesn’t look like any print I’ve ever seen!” Other printers asked “How on Earth did you get those results? It doesn’t look like any print I’ve ever seen!”

…Thank you, American Inkjet Systems, for helping me to become the artist I always dreamed I could be!

Edward Loedding

Terry SchopperI contacted Scott of American Inkjet Systems and knew he understood the potential of digital printing. I jumped into the whole system and I have reached the outer limits of color…Our canvas prints are like originals and don’t crack as they do with other well-known inks. We make the most amazing three-dimensional paintings. The team of Scott Saltman and Steve Greaves offer the kind of support you need to reach this level.

Terry Schopper
Vongsouvan Fine Arts

John HockensmithI have never seen colors as rich and inviting as I have since I started using AIS UltraMax II inks and printing technology. My prints are breathtaking! The color saturation is like nothing I have ever seen from my printer before or any other printer. American Inkjet Systems simply delivers color science that expresses a passion for printmaking. Thank you Scott!

John Hockensmith
Fine Art Editions Gallery & Press

Scott and I have worked together for over five years, pushing the envelope in paper and ink. Printing on Museo Max with Symphonic UltraMax II produced the deepest, richest color of any ink. The prints are vibrant and alive. The combination of Symphonic Evolution and Symphonic Ink is as good as it gets. Most of all, American Inkjet Systems…is relentless on seeking perfection.

Giles Prett
Crane Stationary

The results that I am now consistently getting far exceed my expectations. It is such a relief to know that I now have someone that I can wholeheartedly rely on for an incomparable depth of knowledge, personal attention and service, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

…I’m using sublimation ink transfer technology to transfer images…onto parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. My clientele is very particular about what will go on their motorcycles and these parts must be PERFECT! Thanks to you, for the first time in the six years that I’ve been using this technology, I can now print an image with complete confidence that what I’m seeing on my monitor is EXACTLY what I will see when the image is transferred to the part…

One of the biggest problems that I was having was that none of the black sublimation inks I tried would give me a true black when transferred. Most had a slight purple cast and would fade to pink after several months in the sun. The inks that you’ve supplied, along with your tremendous support…are giving me results that can only be deemed perfect!

Bob Epstein
Pan-Galactic Sculpture

I speak with Scott quite often and sometimes on weekends. He is fiercely loyal to his supporters. He believes strongly in the products he sells…nobody produces a better print.

Robert Eversole
ErgoSoft RIP Solutions

Last year we started having issues with our head leaving black marks and banding often. The nozzle check was in poor shape. After a complete cleaning of the head, following instructions from AIS, and replacing the capping station, our 9800 was printing again as good as new. This morning our machine…would not turn on…Once again, Scott from AIS got us up and running, and I am printing many canvas prints on 44 inch material as I am writing this. We are extremely happy using the products from AIS and would highly recommend them.

VanTuil Photo and Imaging


Hi Steve and Linda,

This is to thank you, so much, for your time over the last few months helping me unclog my Epson Stylus Pro 9600 printer. I know for certain that without you, I could NEVER have pulled this off. It took me five months and no telling how many hundreds of cleanings to get the printer to run again after being stored for ten years unused.

Your support and knowledge of my printer and my problem was the helping hand I needed to finish this horrendous job. Taking the damper assembly apart, only to have it fall apart in my hands, in order to replace just one damper was almost the final straw. But, with Steve’s guidance, I was able to put it back together again.

Lastly, your sensational CLF008P Cartridge Line Cleaner and CLF007P Cleaning Fluid were probably the reasons everything went so well on my end. They broke through the years of clogging and made everything run smoothly. And of course we were doing all this by long distance – You in New Jersey and me in Tennessee!

Didn’t mean to get so wordy, but I mean it all. Happy New Year and may 2014 be the best ever!

John Wilkison


Hi Scott- Just to keep you updated.

I discovered I had a bad head clog in the yellow and that was giving me a magenta cast on flesh tones etc. That will teach me to look at the nozzle checks more carefully. As you know the yellow is very hard to see. All the other colours checked out fine. So, I have spent the last two days going through your “every hour on the hour” procedure with four squirts of warm CLF007P+ for 12 hours. Well it worked very well and I actually just ran a perfect nozzle check (not had many of them with the old printer). Now I will keep the capping station wet with 4 drops of CLF007P every few days. I just ran a test print and the colours are great.

John Chardine
Chardine Photography


Last year, my Epson 7600 began leaving dragged smears of ink on prints. In searching for a solution to the problem, I came across [this] website. After calling and explaining the problem, Scott suggested a new wiper and waste ink recovery station (not the right name, but the place where the head moves left during a cleaning). By replacing just those parts, the problem was remedied.

A few weeks ago, a new problem arose on the Epson 7600. This time, there were not smears across the print, but faint occasional drag marks. It was also becoming increasingly difficult to get a good nozzle check after cleaning, and a nozzle or two would usually drop out on a 24 x 30. The head just wouldn’t clean. By speaking with Scott, it was decided that the best course of action would be to replace the capping station, the wiper, and clean around the head with Symphonic Cleaning Fluid. Additionally, I was working under a deadline, and needed the parts as soon as possible. After speaking with Scott late Thursday, the parts were shipped Friday and delivered early Saturday.

Once more, the advice was spot on. The capping station went on easily, I cleaned around the head (very compacted with built up ink), and replaced the wiper. The printer is now producing prints as it should.

In both instances, Scott assured me that such replacement of parts was easy to do, and certainly did not require the expense of an Epson tech. Absolutely true. The parts were installed without special tools, and in a short period of time.

Thanks to Scott at American Inkjet Systems, I am fully a believer that a printer, with the proper occasional DIY maintenance, will have a long and productive lifespan.

Michael Cone
Michael Cone Photography