Inkjet Cleaning Fluid CLF007P+


Super powerful head cleaner for your printer head and capping station.

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CLF007P+ is a concentrated version of the CLF007P. It’s designed to be applied directly to the capping station to break up clogged heads rapidly in pigment-based systems. It’s extremely strong and should not be used more than once every three weeks.

CLF007P and CLF007P+ are inkjet nano cleaning fluids for all types of water-based pigment inkjet inks. It is a complex formula, containing chemicals that break up dried pigment inks as well as lubricants and our own proprietary chemical, Flo-Guard, which aids in cleaning as well as lubricating and promoting “flowability”. It is used in our inks for those special properties. The resin in the pigment ink causes the ink to harden and clog. Resin is also the chemical that allows ink to stick to glossy paper.

For more on continuing maintenance of your Epson printer, see our resources on cleaning and maintenance.

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