UltraMax II

What are UltraMax II Inks

UltraMax II giclée pigment inks are formulated from pigments offering the greatest chromaticity and light fastness. Our goal has always been to create inks and software that give you the ability to produce the most brilliant prints possible, from fine art reproductions to photographic imaging. This is why we say UltraMax II is the ultimate giclée.

Not only do we produce UltraMax II pigment inks to replace the standard palette in your Epson printer, but we’ve developed an ultra-wide gamut set of colors to extend the variety of colors your printer is capable of printing. Through the use of our Symphonic RIP software, you can create color profiles for your printer that makes it capable of printing colors with more depth and vibrancy than ever before.

We also realize the importance of black and white, so we’ve developed “any tone” profiles and added multiple black inks with added blue and brown for shading.

Whichever color set you want, we offer a an easy plug and print with custom setups, profiles, and extensive support.

For information regarding production use and maintenance call 201-263-9177.

The Different Ink Sets

UltraMax II Standard

This set replaces color for color in your printer and can be printed through Photoshop or any RIP.

UltraMax II Wide Gamut Color Ink Sets

This group refers to swapping out colors in your printer to create a profile perfect for your next giclée print. This ink set requires our RIP.

If you want to discuss your needs and how we can help you, send an email to doccolor@ais-tech.us or call 201-263-9177.

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