Replacing an Epson 9800 or 9880 head can be accomplished fairly easily. For a replacement head, call our order department.

Head Replacement Procedure

Remove the Cover

First, unplug the printer. Then remove the cover as shown below so you can move the head into the middle of the printer and work comfortably. You’ll find two screws fastening the top cover from the front of the printer. There are another two that fasten the top cover from the back of the printer. Finally, ensure that the paper release lever is in its closed position and lift off the top cover.

Diagram to find the screws to loosen the cover of an Epson 9800 or 9880 printer

Move the carriage out to the middle of the printer by pressing on the cutter mechanism to release it. Then place an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper underneath to catch any screws that may fall.

Disassembling the Damper Assembly

Next, remove the two screws fastening the damper assembly to the carriage assembly, one on the left of the damper bracket and one to the right. Then lift the damper assembly and suspend it from the same screw used in step 8. See the image below for more details.

Next, separate the top and bottom sections of the damper assembly and remove the bottom section. Using an 8mm wrench, disconnect the tubes that correspond to the damper being replaced.

Next, inspect the O-rings on the ink tube fittings and replace if necessary. The 7800 and 9800 printers use a pressurized ink system, which makes a bad seal a big problem.

Install the New Damper

Inspect the new damper for any leaks before installing. See the diagram below for instructions on how to blow through both ends to find leaks.

Firmly hold the ink supply fittings deep in the damper and tighten them back up with your wrench. Be careful not to over tighten and damage the O-ring.

Reassembling the Damper Assembly

Now reconnect the top and bottom sections of the damper assembly at the hinge points.

The dampers now need to be lined up evenly and in the proper position. Maneuver them until they fit uniformly in the guides provided by the top and bottom sections of the damper assembly. Each damper slot should engage with the assembly’s guides. When each damper is in position, the top and bottom sections of the assembly will come together. Fasten these back together with the two screws removed earlier.

Removing the Head

Now that the dampers are replaced or checked, it’s time to take out the head. You’ll need a Phillips screw driver. Remove the screw from the metal tension bar on the left first. With the tension bar removed, you can remove the spring and the print head ground strap screw. Support the bracket so that it does not bend.

Slide the print head assembly toward you and lift out. Remove three screws, and then lift the print head out of the print head case.

Next, carefully unplug the print head cables.

Installing the New Print Head

Plug the print head cables back into the new print head. Verify that each cable is fully and evenly inserted by comparing the blue part of the cable against the edge of the connector.

Slide the print head assembly back into the carriage mechanism. The left and right plastic tabs on the print head assembly should go under the plastic wheels.

Finally, Ensure that the head assembly interlock tabs are inserted into the carriage assembly slots. Then go ahead and put things back the way you found them.