About AIS

A Few Words From Founder Stephen Saltman

American Inkjet Systems is a company that thinks outside the box. We design products and services in the pursuit of pushing the envelope and forwarding a color revolution rather than succumbing to the stagnation of the out-of-the-box solutions. We test everything we make on our Epson printers before you know it exists. We spend a fortune on ink, media, and man hours testing innovative inkjet technologies.

When we started out over 15 years ago, we wanted more than the average print quality. We wanted color that wow you so that you can wow your clients. We didn’t settle and we didn’t copy—we worked our tails off. We innovated and created vibrant inks and software to drive it. Most of all, we are always there for our clients. We make custom profiles for every customer at no charge. We work with you to exceed your expectations.

Whether the inks are pigment or dye, the printed colors should have “juice” and the tones should be accurate and delicate as well. I am not talking only about always having rich color, but when you need it, it should be there.

We are chemists, print-makers, lab rats who know what it is to make a print. We take pride in our organization that doesn’t have just techies, but also talented artists that know what image outputs should look like. We live and breath inks, RIPs, and color management. Not just RGB or CMYK, but multichannel profiling as well. We make colors never before used in inkjet printing for our UltraMaxII Fine Art and Neon Textile series. We do it because the results warrant the effort. Just ask our clients.

We know printers and how to maintain them. We fix them and make the right cleaning fluids to keep them working.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert printer, we will work with you and listen to your needs. Our goal is to help you produce the best product you can and grow like many of our customers in this highly competitive market.

Everyone who uses our ink setup is a leader. You can’t be a leader by following the crowd. Join us as we push the envelope further.

Our Print Rooms

At AIS we have a number of printers setup for testing different inks and media. This is one of our print studios. The room lighting is 5000 Kelvin. The walls are gray and the main work station uses a NEC 27” calibrated monitor matched to  room lighting.

This is where we test to see how far we have pushed the envelope.

Each printer has a different ink for Textile as well as Photo/Fine Art.


Customers come to us because our inks are brilliant and cost less, while our service and support knows no bounds. We offer custom color inks with supported software that can produce colors that no one can match.

Whether you are a novice or an advanced printer, we will work with you. We help you make better images that cost less.

Good Stuff

Our site is full of what we call good stuff as well as information the major companies don’t want you to know. The site discusses topics such as what colors are printable, how to fix your printer, what a RIP should do for you, and much more.

We make the most effective cleaning fluid to prevent and remove clogs.

If you need help or information and cannot find it on our site, email or call us. You won’t be directed to FAQs. You won’t communicate with a robot. You’ll reach highly proficient humans.

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