For those of you that do not know about Flaar, Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth developed a successful testing studio. If you’re interested in purchasing new equipment or want to learn about topics we do not cover, FLAAR is a great resource.

FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center concentrates its experience on the evaluation and testing of high quality scanners (35mm slide scanners, flatbed scanners, drum scanners), 1200 dpi laser printers for graphics design and printing photographs, and large format printers of all kinds for limited editions of fine art and photo prints. They also do evaluations of printers for signs, posters, banners and are gradually moving into evaluations of printers for textiles.

Dr. Hellmuth has seen probably everything there is to see in imaging. He has seen our development from our 4-Color UltraMax dynamic ink set to our Symphony 12. His organization is dedicated to the digital imaging field, and we’re proud that an organization that traditionally reviews and recommends OEM products can appreciate our dedication to pushing the envelope in the quality of digital imagery through ink and software.

Dr. Hellmuth wrote “The 8-color inkset we know the best is Symphonic Ink. You can obtain this special ink from Scott Saltman, American Imaging Corp, fax 201 263-9533. Scott Saltman is a highly regarded ink chemist and RIP software person who has dedicated his life to achieving the ultimate ink-software combination.”