Responses to our booth ranged from “Wow, the most brilliant colors I have ever seen!” to “Your prints of my artwork are more iridescent than the original file!”

The booth contained textile pre-press prints on matte paper, cotton banners, silk scarves, cotton scarves, and display posters.

On the left side wall is a comparison of Epson HDR inks and Neon99 inks having painted a Pantone chart of colors. The chart discernibly shows the extensive out-of-gamut colors from Epson’s HDR inks and the cleaner, more brilliant colors produced by AIS Neon99 inks. Neon99 offers brilliant colors: fuscia, hot pink, red, purples, violet, and vibrant blues that other inks can’t reproduce. See it to believe it!

The prints were made from designs by Kim Designs, our own design director Lynn Boudreau, and AIS designer Jennifer Topolewski. All printing was done on Epson printers with neon inks.

Jennifer Topolewski at the Surtex trade show

AIS designer Jennifer Topolewski wearing her own designed and printed scarf made at our studio

AIS designer Jennifer Topolewski at the Surtex trade show