For years we have been given printers with 4-color CMYK pallet even though there have been 4 extra channels of light inks. Over 10 years ago we we also given the opportunity to add Orange and Green, a 6-color combination, but many print houses rejected Orange and Green for light inks, stating that there was no significant gain in the quality of Red or Green. That issue holds true for now as well. The Epson Orange is too Yellow, and the Greens from Epson Yellow and Cyan are pretty good, even though the Green does improve the Greens a bit. The issue is really in the Red range. When we speak about the beautiful colors we wish to reproduce in Photography and Fine Art as well as in Display, the colors in mention are Red, Green, and Blue. We speak of Blue Skies, Green Grass and Leaves, and Reds in almost everything. Think how many companies use Red as their logo color. Red is even defined as Coca Cola Red.

With all this having been said, why are we not using instead of CMYK, RGBYK? Making an inkjet printer capable of being a 5 color printer is a no-brainer. Wait a minute, Epson made a 10-Color Pallet. So where is the Red?

It seems just because presses were not made in 5-Color with Red, inkjet printers should also be denied of Red. What do you think? Is the color Red important to you?