When printing through Photoshop you are utilizing the Epson Driver as the Rip. The Epson driver offers you pre-made setups for different papers. The good news about this approach is that it has all the ink calculations and controls of light and dark inks done for you. The Bad new is that it has all the ink calculations and controls of light and dark inks done for you. Woops! that is the same new. What this means is that you cannot change a thing. You cannot change the amount of light ink entering the image and or any other relationship of ink mixing together. You will notice you use a great deal of light inks. To understand how that effects longevity read our first Blog.

The advantage is that at most, all you have to do is make a RGB profile to correct any off color. This is a very simple process and the end result is a good print. You should be aware that using a quality profiling software is important to obtaining the best results you can produce.

A Rip offers layout and a number of controls making printing more efficient. There are software on the market that offer a layout front end to the Epson driver.

A complete rip offers a number of ink controls and ink blends, allowing you to control how much light ink is mixed with dark as well as how much black and color inks are balanced. A rip will cost between $500 and $2500 on the average. Learning to use handle a rip involves a learning curve and the purchase of a spectrophotometer with color management another added cost.

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