When we started years ago our decision on who were going to choose for different services, was based on product and support. To this day even our web software and web host were chosen not for price but for support. The companies, Serif, who produce WebPlusX6 and Bluehost, our web hosting company, both offer an excellent support team. They have made our life so much better.

When we thought of how much support means to us, we decided to offer support and information on our website in every area we have information. We also decided not to add FAQ’s but rather an email address and a telephone number to call. I hate spending a ridiculous amount of time looking for something that does not exist.

Our blogs are designed to get feedback on topics we might have missed.

Here is where we would like to hear from you on responses to our topics and help. Ask questions and we and some of our expert clients will try to offer a valuable reply.